So i was cleaning the grime off the fretboard of my old acoustic while changing the strings and using some Jim Dunlop cleaning agent on it, but once it dried, the color had seemed to fade. I found some raw linseed oil in my dad's shed, so will this be enough to bring the color back and give some decent protection???

Thanks in advance
I Don't know if it's going to bring the colour back but it is good for your fretboard to use it ones a year or so. Just one or 2 drops on a cotton swab is enough for a whole fretboard and using too much will make your fretboard sticky. Just wipe it on and then wipe it off.

Also remember that linseed oil is slightly toxic so wash your hands when you are done.
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I have a special fretboard mix made out of 50% linseed oil and 50% vmp naptha, i douse the fretboard, give it about 5 minutes, then go back with a rough paper towel and scrub each fret spacing and it makes the wood feel wonderful after i have 0000 steel wooled it, the naptha thins the oil yet evaporates after about 30 seconds, so it leaves the oil deep in the wood so it stays moist feeling longer.