Hey guys I think this is the right thread.
The story is yesterday I turned on my practice amp (squire sp-10) and the was no sound. I cranked it up to 10 on distortion channel - all i got was a load of humming but atleast in the background of it all I could hear my guitar, but it was clean! So the thing is if you couldn't make sense of that my amps volume is un-normally low and the distortion isn't working so I wanna know whats wrong.
Thanks in advance Rip
You should be happy. You have a good excuse to buy a better amp.

Anyway, try it with a different cable/guitar. And a different outlet. If it still doesn't work, you got a dead amp that's not worth fixing.
I'm not cool.
Time for a new amp. Most of these starter pack type amps arent known for their long term reliability.