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I recently went on a week long holiday, leaving my BC Rich Warlcok at home. I came back yesterday, and when I went to tap my 1st string to practice stretching, I realised that any note lower than the 5th fret on the 1st string was kind of muted. I noticed that the string was touching the frets, I know what needs to be done for repairs, but does anyone happen to know what would have caused this? I also hear that it got pretty warm a few times (38 celcius). Before I left there was no such problem.
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When I leave guitars for a while I losen the strings off this prevents tension from the strings pulling the neck forward this and the hot weather would have warped the neck slightly a truss rod adjustment is needed on your guitar now.
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Quote by RozzLe
yea your guitar may have gotten warped a little from the heat. Was it in the sun at all?

no sun, im guessing the house wouldnt have gotten as hot as 38. I thought it would have been heat warping it, but i guess it was the string tension pulling, I also noticed a sting (1st) came out of the nut.

thanks for the help guys
Dead Puppy Society
=When the going gets tough, the tough get going=