When I'm bending with my thumb over the top of the neck, I find that I'm pushing my thumb knuckle joint in to the back of the guitar and it feels unnatural to do.

I used to just bend with my fingers until I learned that that's not a very good technique so I've never really had this problem before.

Can anyone tell me how their thumb is positioned when they bend?

Thanks a lot.
Normally over the top of the neck - I kinda use it as a pivot point. And yeah you should use your wrist to bend rather than your fingers...

Thumb round the top and turn your your wrist as if you're opening a doorknob. Get that down and you'll find it much easier to vibrato at the top of the bend.
Depending on what string I'm bending, I'll place my thumb more around the neck when I go to the thinner strings, and put my thumb down the further my fingers need to reach to the lower strings. But try to pivot your wrist as if you're turning it over to see your palm.
I think this video by Paul Gilbert I just ripped off my dvd would be good to watch.
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