I play my guitar by plugging it into my laptop and running programs like amplitube and etc..

The problem is that all recent intel-chipset based laptops have this horrible problem where electronic interference noise makes it into the sound system. It's made worse when you plug a guitar into one to record or play.

The sound is a little bit like old school telephone modems used to make when you were dialing in, except constant, and just audible enough to be annoying.

I want to buy some kind of equipment to eliminate this.

I heard that if I bought a line 6 USB and then plugged my guitar in that way, the hissing will be gone. Is that true?

I'm kind of desperate. Buying an amp is not an option for me because I am traveling around Japan and don't have the space for one, even a small one. I need something portable like a pedal or accessory to plug into the computer.

Any help?
The hiss is there because the internal soundcard is NOT NOT NOT there for having a guitar plugged into it. That is why you need a proper interface. Check out these companies - M-Audio, E-Mu, RME, PreSonus, Lexicon, Focusrite, etc...
EDIT: It is NOT NOT NOT the fault of the Intel processor. The hiss is caused by you not using the proper device that is required.
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yep the above posters are right, u r currently plugging into a low quality microphone preamp which isnt built to handle the signal or a guitar. best way to go is to pick up one of these http://line6.com/podstudiogx/index.html?utm_source=Index&utm_medium=DropDown&utm_campaign=PODStudioGX

This one should work and I'm really sure that it's the cheapest one. LINE-6 is a trustable brand too.

only 100 dollars here
Yes, definitely go with the Line 6 one for sure...
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i have the Pod Studio UX1 (fancy version of the one above me) and its great..

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