Hey fellow musicians,
Im gonna buy a multi effects board from my friend and i have four to choose from.

Which one is better?

Vox Tonelab LE
Boss GT-8
Line 6 Floor Pod
Line 6 Floor Pod Plus
Harmony H15 Bobkat
Fender MIJ '65 Reissue Mustang
Fender MIA 1987 Strat Plus
Mesa Express Plus 5:50
TC Electronic Hall Of Fame & FlashbackX4
Barber Direct Drive
Ibanez TS9 Reissue
Goosonique Blitzkrieg Boost
Vox Tonelab LE by far... There is a video on youtube of a guy driving a bicycle, a car, a van and a Panzer Tank over one in a parking lot and it STILL worked. Amazing, and totally tweakable.