I'm not sure how much money I will have for a multi-FX unit so I have listed some different priced ones.

Q1) Out of the Digitech RP50 and Zoom G2 Which is better?
Q2) Should I get the Digitech RP70 instead of either of the first 2 if i can?

1) Zoom G2 - $140

2) Digitech RP50 - $ 100

3) Digitech RP70 - $170

Both links have all amp models/effects/stomp boxes listed. I will be using it with a Randall RG40R and I play mainly metal (hence the amp I am getting).
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save up your money, trust me, dont waste it on that crap, save it up for a better amp, cause you need one. a pedal wont make it sound better, it will just make it sound worse, but in differnt modes and ways.
well i own both the G2 and the Rp 50... and honestly speaking i think the Rp 50 gives out a more synthesized output compared to the G2 which sounds more organic. The G2 also allows better tweaking for each effect and offers a better variety of amp modelings... On the other hand im not too sure about the Rp 70, cuz i never used it...
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The RP50 is digitechs last-gen processor which would be equivalent to the Zoom505II..
G2 is newer and has much better emulation technology..

Dont know about the RP70, but going by history the it should be at par with(or better than) the G2.
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