Hi all.

So, I bought the Gibson LP Robot guitar (First run edition). Been testing it out for about a week now. Thought I might share my views and experience with you all.

Auto-tuning - It's abit of a pain. I've read alot about this and it seems most people who have purchased this product are having trouble with the B and especially the high e string. My experience is no different. got 6 preset tunings. The parts of the auto-tuning - especially the powerheads (pegs) - seems abit "loose" or "not good" in plain english. So in the end, it feels like you just paid $1200 bucks for a standard LP and $800 on a gimmick.

The sound - It's really good, just like a Les Paul. 490R and 498T pickups. Not much more to say here Bright and warm.

Finish - It's the blue silverburst "limited". I like it alot, and it looks amazing in real life. The guitar looks and feels like very good quality - but not the auto-tuning parts. Mahogony body and maple top.

Comfort - Very good to hold and to play. The fretboard (Ebony) is really comfortable, and it's a breeze to jam with this thing.

Price - I live in Norway, and it was originally priced for about $3800, but down to $2000. Worth it? See "Overall".

Overall - It's good. But bad.

Great sound, great comfort, the auto-tuning is facinating but not as good as you might have hoped (Nor is it as bad as many of you might have imagined) and the price is way to high, even with the recent drop. It's doesnt feel like it's worth that kind of money, a standard does, but this just.. well It just doesnt!

Rating - 6,5/10

If you own or have played a Robot - Please let us know you're own remarks and experiences If your a fanboy\basher\whatever - Please just dont :-)

I dont have any pics of it at the moment - Maybe I'll try to get some up when I get home from work. Maybe - since its going back to the store, thinking of a standard instead.


PS: A week of playing isnt much, but it's enough for a lasting impression. No gigging though, that might have changed alot because of the tuning options. (If it were to tune properly)
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