okay i have been playing for 3 years now and i have mainly stuck to blues and some blink-182 style stuff my fret fingers are fast but not fast enough to shred i like metal music but half the stuff i can't play so if you were me basically which style of music should i learn next
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Well, if you like metal, i'd suggest metal.. try some early Metallica, it's pretty easy and it's an o.k. place to start to play metal
The style you'd probobly like to play most, Ive stuck to 80s music (its my fav) and considering everything about it is easy (xcept solos) But if you want to move on from Blue/Blink182 style try something thats fast but not like you said, more like Hard Rock...

im new and this is my first post
if you like metal do that, or for speed siome chickin pickin, I thouhgt my teacher was nuts when he told me that till you listen to some of those bluesgrasss plyers, man they shred almost as much as the metal guys do! Funk is fun, go for some REAL punk like the ramones, sex pistols, the clash etc.