not sure if this is the right place to ask, but what does the word "leslie" mean?
you can always hear it, especially on proguitarshop videos.
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I'm not sure, but I don't think any of the urban dictionary terms apply there lol
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I'm pretty sure Leslie is a girls name. Hell, even sometimes a man's name. Also a common surname as well.
It was originally a special type of speaker cabinet, in which the speaker rotates. It was used with Hammond organs, and produced a light, fluctuating chorussy sound. These days, that effect is mostly imitated by pedals.
Yup...one of these


Guitarists used them before chorus and other modulation effects were available in pedal format because they were the only way to get that effect, however they still get used today if people want an authentic leslie sound, especially live.
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Yup, the keyboard/organ player in my band has two huge Leslie cabs and a Hammond. Sounds amazing, but they are brutal to bring to shows. Super big and heavy.
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