I've been trying to learn Crazy Train, and most of the rhythm part is pretty easy (I can even get most of the solo down), but something I can't really seem to get is the little pull-off run that Rhoads does right before the start of the verse. I'm sure anyone who has tried to play (or has succeeded in playing) this song knows what I'm talking about.

I can't seem to get it to sound clean. I can do it at really low speeds, but it sounds really sloppy even when I do that; when I do the pull-off, I smack the string underneath the one I'm pulling off from (hope that made sense, I'm pretty tired..)

Anyway, can someone help me out?
try pulling off flatter (more parallel to the fret wire) and let the pull off finger land on the adjacent string as if you were left hand muting it instead of brushing over it if you need a strong ring. hand mechanics are a funny thing but that might help.
You need to slow down even more then - there WILL be a speed at which you've got complete control over your fingers and they do exactly what you want, it just might be a snail's pace.
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I'm really horrible at Legato as well.....I've been practicing exercises from the Terrifying Technique book, and the legato section is killing me. Right now I find it easier to hammer on my pulloff runs, but I think Steven said it best, just slow it down to a snails pace until your fingers understand what it feels like to do it right.
Yeah, start slow and work up. Honestly, that transition lick is one of the toughest parts in the whole song.
Thanks everyone, from the post above, at least I know I'm not the only one who finds it difficult. I can pretty much get the entire song except that last ascending bit at the end of the solo and this little lick. I'll just practise with my metronome. Thanks again all