Yeah so basically solos that stray from the obvious definition of a solo hmm if you dont understand my retarded description then think of solos such as Like A Hurricane by Neil Young and pretty much anything Radiohead have.

My personal favourite would have to be Just by Radiohead, cliche but still awesome.
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The only way a guitar solo can stray from the definition of a guitar solo is if it is not a guitar being used. A solo is a solo.
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rather than nit picking that you've described it wrong even though i blatantly know what you mean, i shall answer your question.

most of tom morello's stuff is rather nifty. i like the one in bulls on parade (i think it's that one, can't be arsed checking).
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Ometh and a vicious reforming of features by After the Burial.

Towards the end of each song
The solo in Shield Your Eyes, A Beast In The Well Of Your Hand by Melt Banana.

But all the guitar parts in their music are pretty weird.
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Punk Rock Girl by The Dead Milkman.

I'd class that as one
Hammett's wah addicted songs are pretty astonishing..

On a serious note.. Nothing come's to mind yet.. Will edit in an answer when thought of something
anything by the drones and alot of bad seeds stuff
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listen to the "Rational Gaze Solo" from meshuggah on my profile, I think that's pretty much as anti as solo's get
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anything by the drones and alot of bad seeds stuff

especially nail it down my personal favourite
She Had An Abortion That She Made Me Pay For
Dillinger Escape Plan's guitar solos are pretty...special
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