Im new to the guitar / bass world, Im stuck on what to get, either a bass or a electric guitar. I went to the shop to decide, but I still couldnt. The guitar sounds pretty awesome, but then I also went to my friends house to play his bass with his rather loud amp with lots of distortion and on clean, and I was pretty amazed...the ground was shaking! It felt pretty good. I also tried out guitars at the shop, theyre awesome as well, but I simply cannot choose(I can play smoke on the water on the guitar, the bassline on bass, the intro to for whom the bell tolls and the first bit of walk idiot walk on bass.).... Which one do you think I should get?/ Direct me into your thoughts on this topic etc.

I will pretty much play at home most of the time though. oh, and if I chose bass it would be good as I know exactly what bass and amp I want, If I chose guitar, I'm still thinking on which one to get. I hope you can help me

I'll post this in both forums to see the varied responses.
To be different. But not weird different. Bass ;D

Also, there's probably less bassists around, so its easier to get a gig+more dough.

And slapping?

you're going to get a very biased opinion asking that in here
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go with guitar. and unless you personally know imdeth then youre gonna get raped.
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