I need a shred solo, moderate difficulty (moderate is easy for shredding i suppose since i've never really found an easy shred) cause I need it for some filler at my gig tonight...i was thinking a medley of Far Beyond the Sun and Canon Rock or just learning the intro to Cliffs of Dover followed by some scale runs.

any other suggestions?

the gig is a battle of the bands and two of my friends are hosting so they're having one of my friends run on stage and air guitar while I play from an amp backstage.
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Scarified! Best shread ever, wish i could play it
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i had been considering this one as well but arpeggios kill me
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Eruption is as easy as it gets
For shredding anyway
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Yep..Eruption is good. Tapping is one of the easier things you can do to look impressive. I did some fairly effortless two string tapping as an intro when I played with a band at a talent show in my college. I got a huge applause. Even though we went on playing a simple corny love song
I'd just improvise one. If you want it to be easy, use an A Pentatonic and when it gets old, shift up an octave. You can easily go on for a few minutes doing this.
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can you not improv one?

well i mean it goes without saying i'm going to improv but i always like to throw in a phrase or lick or something from some shreds and some of the people in the audience would get it. It's like an inside joke with music...

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Far Beyond the Sun would be my first choice. Honestly though You should look into a little bit of something from Megadeth not the biggest fan but they have somewhat decent shred sections. Like I said, the Far Beyond the sun solo is easy to go for several minutes on, and it fits well into scarified since they are the same key, although I don't know if the tunings are the same, i think both are in Eb standard.
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