Well I have been interested in this genre of music of late and wondering what sort of guitar set up or just what sort of guitar in general makes the most of this sound.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=xdSYfNMKFfo (Wake the Dead - Comeback Kid)

Mostly chords/power chords, with distortion/overdrive.

I see a few guitarist in this genre using LP's, but would love UG's opinion.
CBK use SGs I'm pretty sure, as do a hell of a lot of other players - This Is Hell, The Carrier, etc.

Also LPs seem pretty favourable
Something with a humbucker.
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I use multiple guitars for my punk sound. The important part is the overdrive. I use a Boss SD-1 and I get everything from Operation Ivy to Green Day and even some NOFX tones. If you're going punk, gain/overdrive is your keystone.

As for hardcore punk, like Agnostic Front its all overdrive. Period. Plus downpicking everything as opposed to alternate picking will give you a different sound (i.e the Misfits, Ramones, Sex Pistols).
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