Hey, just got john frusciante's latest solo album and the opening track 'Before The Beginning' has got me hooked. i need to know how to play it but it would take me days or trial and error to work it out, any help is appreciated
Yeh its a cool song You listened to Today? Awesome tune.

Err, about your Tab now... I think i saw someone say it was a tribute to Maggotbrains Funkadelic, which seems to be kinda right since i think "before the beginning" is in E etc.

I know its quite a slow song, so id just noodle about in the Eminor pentatonic..

I think for that song less is more kinda thing, since thats what Frusciante seems to do in it. I was hoping he was gonna throw in some fast runs or something. But maybe thats something you could do over it?
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ooh thanks! that funkadelic song is remarkably similiar. both tunes are awesome, very atmospheric!

and yeah Today is an ace track, so is the other bonus track
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Yeh sorry i couldn't be more helpful with the tab n all, i've never actually had to work anything like that out, or write a tab out so ye :P

The maggotbrain is tabbed anyways, so id check that out for a few ideas maybe
i'll try and get a proper tab up soon, I've been wanting to learn this song ever since I've heard the new record.