Idk why but it kind of reminds me of all along the watch tower, I like the guitar tone, not too overpowering. And I like all the octave things the guitar is playing, its a nice touch to the rhythm guitar. The drums were kinda simple though, not too much exitement going on there, And I liked the solo, it wasn't over the top and I appreciate that


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Sounded a lot like nivana teen spirit to me?
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Good job, I really loved the riff. Yeah, the riff is the same rhythm as Smells Like Teen Spirit, but honestly, I hate Nirvana and yours is much better Guitar tone was really nice and I loved the hint of barre chords(?) in the main riff. It was gave a cool feeling to it. Solo was good. The drums were a bit simple during the first "verse" part. It would help a lot of you had the loose hi-hat on 1 as well, so it was like a normal beat. I loved the buildup around 1:50 that was really awesome, especially going back into the main riff. Good job man, I enjoyed listening to this; had a cool groove.

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seemed pretty cool, nothing really amazing though...

sounded a little like teen spirit... but the tone was very clean compared to that.

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