This just a rough song I cooked up in the middle of the night when i couldn't sleep. Tell me what you think.

I’ll Call When I’m Alright.

Hey there girl,
Oh how I wish that all was well
but I know that nothing good has happened tonight.
Please just sing me to sleep
I need to forget the things that haunt my dreams.

I just need a lullaby
I just need your voice in my life.

Oh sing me a symphony
‘Cuz I know that I’m not alright.
Melt me with your words
Hopefully I’ll eventually amount to something.

Hey there stranger,
Oh how I hope you’re doing swell
but I know that the hail has destroyed the day
please just leave me be
I need to remember what its like to dream.

I just need some time
I just need to figure out my life.

Oh let me sit alone
‘Cuz I know that I’m not alright
I’ll lay myself down
Hopefully I’ll dream that I amount to something.

Oh sometimes I just feel
like you may be all that I need
but I know that I’m just not right
please don’t leave
I swear come tomorrow you’ll feel the same
you’ll feel the same about me

Hey there darling,
Oh I look at you and all is well
even when nothing good has happened tonight
I may just sing you to sleep
I need you to remember why we dream.

Just let me be your lullaby
I’ll be the joy in your life.

Oh I’ll sing la la lalala lala
I’ll sing you to sleep.