Okay, i need to sell this amp sadly so i thought i'd try here aswell.
I know alot of people here in the UK are looking for a Mesa to use, but don't want to pay the £2000 it costs new. So i'm willing to sell mine for obviously less than that price.
It's like new, has everything it came with (tubewise, and also has the footswitch and cover bag for the amp and footswitch).
Everythings in working order, but i just need the money. Badly at the moment.

Anybody want it?

Please message me on here or PM me with reasonable offers. Pics will be up within the hour.
Um, considering it's £2000 new in most stores, and around £1800 in online stores i'd like a good £1200 minimum. Hopefully more than that, that's why an auction might be my best bet. But i'd like a reasonable offer.

Obviously money for shipping might be needed if your too far away to collect.
You should never let anyone know what your REAL minimum price is
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Aha too true But hopefully people here will understand that it's unlikely i'll go for the minimum price as i could ebay it or something.
Has anyone got a spare £1,200 I can borrow?
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Whacking on ebay soon.
If you want now, Pm me with a reasonable offer.
Otherwise, check on ebay tomorrow.
It's now on ebay.
If you are interested then please type "Mesa dual recitifer" into ebay. Or Pm me here.
Just like to add, i'm now willing to ship to anywhere in the uk for 32GBP. Theres 8 hours left on ebay, make the most of it.
Would you do a trade plus cash?
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