i just purchased a used digitech monkey from someone. it did not come with the box or manuals.

the problem is: i dont ****ing know how im supposed to put the 9volt battery in? there doesnt seem to be a pdf for download and the guy i purchased it from used his personal adapter and never knew how to fit in the battery as well. it seems to have a similar design to boss pedals but does not open in the same way they do.

can someone tell me what the standard practise is for replacing/placing a 9 volt battery in the digitech badmonkey?
Take a 1/4" guitar cable and push in the silver cylinder that's at the hinge of the pedal and the foot pad. That goes in, and the foot pad comes off.
thank you. it works. i put the battery in already

but a 1/4 inch cable will not do the trick. something smaller would be better. i used the plastic shell of a pen.
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^Yeah me too. I use a pen or something for my BM.
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