Does anyone have any experience with maybe a Classic 50 112 from the 90's? A guy wants to trade me one and he says its a Classic 50 112 but I cant find and info on it. He says its tweed and big what might it be if not a Classic? He also says it has possibly 6L6 tubes.
^ If it has 6l6 its not from the 90's and if it is, its not a Classic, all the Classics have EL-84s, Even the Classic 100 had 8 EL-84, yes 8 power tubes!!!! As far I know the C50 is only avalible in 212 and head formats, the C30 is a 112 Combo. Sounds like its probably a Classic VT from the 70-80 they had a 6l6's power section and a soild state preamp, but don't remember seeing any in tweed, but it could have been retolexed so that fact is void. Check it out if its EL84 loaded then it the classics series you are thinking of.
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Yeah he wasnt sure about the tubes. Is there any other series amps out at that time available in tweed?