im savin up for a 5th and i really want to get an explorer, or at least something with the shape. im lookin at the epiphone futura custom FX cause its already got the EMG's and tremolo. anyone who owns one think its worth the 800? and if anyone else has a suggestion on explorers under $1000 feel free thanks.

I've also been looking at this guitar. It looks like it would be good but I would definitely try it out first. I have an Epiphone SG with EMGs but the balance on the guitar is all wrong and it's just not a very good quality. Just try it out before you buy. The only other option in that price range would be a Faded Gibson Explorer. Musician's Friend sold it for $400 on their stupid deal of the day.
I bought an EX a while ago, not with the EMG's (Ill put them in later) but its a nice overall guitar. The balance is a little neck heavy too - but other then that its a nice axe. Iv played the Futura and it was nice, I just liked the aggresive look of the EX instead and I wanted to put the EMG's in myself at a later time.

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