I'm at a boarding school with a focus on teaching rock.
They have 3 rooms filled to the brim with amps and guitars, so I can pretty much play any amp I want. From epiphone to fender to those designed for metal.
So... Basically, every amp. It's really cool.
Well, Ibanez is, (afaik) definately the best guitars for lower price. ESP LTD for lower prices seem cheap, but ibanez's can be very proffessional for the low cost
I use an Ibanez SAS36FM and love the thing, and everyone comments on how proffessional it seems
Hmm, right now, I'm leaning towards the Schecter Omen 6 most of all...
Have a lot of guitar-playing friends who has a lot of guitars (man I suck at expressing myself!) who says that it's really nice.
i own the omen 6 and i adore it to pieces, it's great. just check the UG review I gave for it.
I would take an S over an SA ibanez - check them out, zero edge trems, very nice. Omen 6 is a nice piece of kit, you might wanna look at Jacksons too, I reckon. LTDs are nice, but a bit restricted imo.
Yeah, I heard they're only good for metal...
Been looking at some Jacksons and Ibenz S' but I think I'll stick with the omen 6