Last weekend we went and recorded one of our songs and got a rough mix back today. We only recorded for two days, so its kinda sloppy. Were shoppin around and seeing different studios quality before we decide on something for our first album. let me know what you think, ill critique back. anything you would change, general opinions, tear it apart if you must. any help is greatly appreciated. song is broken mind in my pro.
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Amazing. O_O Wow man, that riff has an AWESOME groove. It's really heavy and I LOVE it. Your singer has an awesome voice and really fits the music. I like the hardcore-esque repeating of "mind" in the chorus, gave it a cool feel. The only part I didn't really like was around 2:38 with just the bass and the drums, but it's alright. Nice guitar solo. Drummer was really good, I was loving the bass drum repeating of the ride rhythms; it sounded amazing. There's really nothing I can say negative about this song man. Sound quality is really good, props to your engineers. Props to you guys of course for making a killer song, this was fantastic. Keep me updated if you get any more recordings done.

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very cool rock/metal...

I like harmonics... so that was probably my favorite, the vocal harmony was cool...

the solo was kind of just wankery, but probably that is something u don't mind.
crit here
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Dude the guitar riff is ****in awesome. and you really found a good masterer(?ahha) i wasnt particularly fond of the vocals but the music was great. You gotta good drummer to!
thats incredible dude, nice job!

i wouldnt call it sloppy at all! its sweet
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Whoa, loved this track. The pinch harmonics were a very nice touch. I wasn't a HUGE fan of the vocals, the style seemed a little soft compared to the heavy riffing going on, maybe it's just me. This track reminded me of a classic Pantera song. The breakdownish part at 2:40 was really cool with the kickdrum. I also enjoyed the guitar solo right before the chorus.
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