Alright, well ive been playing about 2 years, not amazing not bad, whatever, more to the point.
I can hammer on fine, like 1-2-3-4 easy, fast enough not screwing it up, sounds clear.
if i try pull of 4-3-2-1, i cant get it very fast and it sounds sloppy. (Basicly, running up the fretboard in 4's like 1-2-3-4-2-3-4-5-3-4-5-6 etc fine, back down...issue)
I want an exercise that targets that specificly, my 3rd finger is relatively crap, thats where the problem is, but all the exercises are mainly hammerons, i need something that can help me with pulloffs at speed and in time. also, when i play 4-3-2-1 kinda thing, each of my fingers is next to the fret (where it should be) except my 3rd finger can never reach...
Im currently doing some finger training exercises, but think i need something else too D:
practice practice practice.

There are no fast roads to greatness, no shortcuts.

As far as technique goes it's all training.

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I've been playing as long as you and im fairly decent at legato. I never use 4 finger runs though. I switch from like 124 to 134.
yea i wouldnt use em either, just want to be able to do em ^^ will probably improve my technique just to know i can
also, the 123423453456 up til 12th then down on next string is part of my warm up, so itd be good for warming up for legato or w/e

You need to get finger independence, and generally I hate chromatics, but for legato they are to my findings very good.

try this

Darren's 6 patterns to..

..ultimate finger independence;

G|-5h6p5h6-|xinf.  |  G|-6h7p6h7-|xinf. 
   1 2 1 2         |     2 3 2 3
G|-5h7p5h7-|xinf.  |  G|-6h8p6h8-|xinf.
   1 3 1 3         |     2 4 2 4  
G|-5h8p5h8-|xinf.  |  G|-7h8p7h8-|xinf.
   1 4 1 4         |     3 4 3 4 

You can do these on all strings and any frets, as long as you strictly follow the fingerings.

These 6 patterns will not only help legato, but finger strength and independence as well which is useful for hard chordal work and other technique related stuff.

If you can play these 6 flawless, your ability to learn legato stuff will be increased a lot, as well as having a positive effect on ur overall playing.

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Who's Andy Timmons??
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