this is one of my first lyrics. I never really cared about writing them but this time it was different I had the eager to write. however I didn't have a clue about what. I grabbed a pen and paper and I started writing. it all came on its own, without really thinking about what to write. I followed my feeling just like when I'm playing the guitar or bass. don't think just do.
I hope you like it because I can't really judge myself. everything I make is horrible in my opinion

not far away again
a cold feeling
running trough my veins
the silhouette of a ghost

wandering trough the streets
where can I find
only one thing I need
still unnoticed

the silhouette of a ghost
not getting noticed
as if it doesn't exist
a cold feeling

holding on tight
like a rope suffocating me
where can I find
complete me
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