so I am looking to buy a semi hollow body guitar with a budget of 300 400 ,The Ivanez artcore line got my eye especially AS73 and the Epiphone Dot deluxe had something to say too I have never played the guitars i have hear demos and reviews but haven actually hold them

Ps: I live in mexico and finding a dot deluxe to try out is fairly hard I have seen the artcore but full hollow body one and it sounded great

so any opinions/suggestions
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Go to a shop, play them. You need to find one that is right for you, not for us.

As i already said i cant try the guitars cause the shops where i live are very limited
I wanted to know if anybody could tell me if their good or bad guitars,not to make the decision for me
I own the AS73 Ibanez semi-hollow in brown sunburst and I personally love. It plays so smooth and comfortable. Beautiful mellow sound. I haven't played the Epiphone Dot but I would compare reviews on the two online. You should be able to find plently, you'll just have to do some reading. But from me, the artcores are great guitars for the price.
i was going to get an artcore, but decided on a MK duece phoenix. the artcores are nice guitars for the most part, but some of them dont quite live up to the standards others set. so if thats what you are going to get, id play it first. havent played an epi dot, but they also seem like nice guitars. some of the finishes they have on those bother me, so i kinda steered away from those. i had some other fairly cheap semi-hollows i was looking at, but most are a bit above your price range. just expanding to $500 or so gives you a few new guitars to look at.
wait till you can spend a little more $...theres a big difference betweem a 300$ semihollow and a 5-600$ semihollow...get some more $ and buy an epiphone sheraton II...the stock pickups on it are great, especially the neck pickup, it just sings. trust me my friend has one and i've heard/played it

I've heard that Dots have tuning problems I would go for the artcore or maybe a gretsch or an epiphone casino
sorry about you I'm from mexico too but I live near the border so I can go to guitar centers in USA
The best semi hollow (on a budget) I tried was the peerless es335-alike thing (forget the name.) The one I tried was the same price as a tokai korean but was better in every respect. I was seriously bowled over; if I didn't just spen a load of a new guitar I would have bought it! Even the stock pickups are decent enough which says a lot at this price bracket... The epiphone dots are OK but I prefer the tokai by quite some way; haven't had much experience with the ibanez artcores but the full hollows I've tried have been really good.

(Of course you may not have the same prices.. and the one I tried might have been a deal or something...)

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