Wanting an Ibanez RGA121H in like, half a year or w/e
cant find a single review D:

Anyone encountered one?
play one then you can write your own review that will benefit everyone
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Its a great axe. Great for metal. The neck is fast. Pretty much like every other RG I've played one a couple times...and I love me some Ibanez
i cant find one without asking someone to order one in, and if i cant pay for months
It's a decent axe. Good for metal. The neck is overrated. Pretty much like every other RG I've played one once... but I can't stand Ibanez

And anyway, never, ever trust a review on the internet. If you buy gear based simply on a good review and not on your own experiences, you're an idiot.

That's the reason Spiders were the biggest selling amp last year.
^ agreed about reviews. if you read a lot, you can sometimes learn to separate the wheat from the chaff, but it's still not foolproof.

it's a nice guitar, i liked the one i tried. not to alarm you, or anything, but looking at the ibanez website they seem to be discontinued- which isn't to say you might not find some new old stock ones... but just letting you know. i imagine they were eating badly into the sales of the rga321. not that i agree with discontinuing it...
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D: lame
well, i want an Ibanez RG prestige with (preferably) a bolt on neck (cause my set in ibanez neck twisted and its ****ed now) and has to be fixed bridge.
oh and i dont have 1.2 grand D:
people always say "if you dont want to use the tremolo, buy a fixed bridge guitar" but most are **** (i want thin neck D and cant find many at all