i have Sonar LE, i'm not expert at it so sorry if i don't know of any obvious solutions to my problem.
so far, the only way i know to change time signatures in a track (eg: 4/4 to 3/4) is to make the change at a set point in the recording. for example bar 27.
for example i play 27 bars of 4/4, and i then change to 3/4.
however, say i add another bar of 4/4 making 28 bars of 4/4, the time signature change still happens at bar 27 (one bar too early). i then have to change all the time to 4/4, then change bar 28 onwards to 3/4.
is there a way for the time signature to change at the start of a clip. so that no matter where you position it in the track, the change will happen at the start of that clip.
sorry if that doesn't make a lot of sense
any help appreciated,
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