Alrite guys. Pay day is looming and I still havent been able to make up my mind on which amp to get.

Im looking for an all tube amp, as I am now fed up of solid states. Also it would need to be a combo as I my room is tiny and is already taken up by alot of equipment

The amp will be getting gigged regularly, so would need to be fairly powerful.

I play mostly metalcore and thrash metal, however I would need the amp to be quite versatile to be able to play stuff like Vai and Satch.

My budget is anything up to £500 (approx. $700)

Few suggestions I have had so far have been the Bugera 333XL 2x12, Randall RG50TC and the soon to be released (hopefully lol) Peavey 6505 112

I would like a few more opinions before I invest obviously, I dont want to buy and amp and then a year or so down the line be unhappy with my purchase.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Bugera333 is awesome and can do what you want.
Go and play it now. youll see.
Yeah ive heard good things about them ... and that one is the front runner at the moment. However ive heard reliability is an issue?
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Not to sure about the VK tbh ... most people ive talked to or read on UG, say that for a really good metal sound, you need to change out the speaker and use a pedal infront of it. Although I have heard once you have done all that, its produces a great crunch.
Can you wait a few more paydays and save up for a really good amp?


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The 6505 combo would be worth the wait, although it may suffer a bit for your shred interests IMO.


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Yeah I really tempted by the 6505. But peavey might take a decade to release it :/

Hopefully not though
YCV Give it some play at a store if possible, I just went through this decision a couple weeks ago and played a boatload of amps before making my decision.
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I hear that that Bughera is pretty damn good
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Everybody here would have one of these if we had a say.

They're just sooooo good! I love mine, really versatile, and takes pedals VERY well. Jeeze, I feel like an Egnater salesman.