Ok there's this show like few months ahead, and i got myself some people together ( we're lookin to cover anything at all, as long as most people know it, but it shouldnt be blink-ish stuff or metal stuff, the songs should not be rlly hard to play together, and most of play 2-3 years, so we could handle some medium songs)

some quick ideas for songs?
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It all depends on what your in to tbh, though a really good song to play (eay to learn and awesome at the same time) in a band is Four Kicks by Kings Of Leon. I've heard a few bands cover that really well.
try some songs that people will sing along to, like use somebody or something like that by kings of leon. Every setlist must have a ballad. lol

Also, i've seen some pretty good covers of ash - burn baby burn.
Try to play some Sparta. ^^

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