I want to make midi file of my own compositions...........like im playing and it will be automatically stored to guitar pro as this helps so much.........now what do i need to have to do this?? I heard i need a special midi supported sound card but those are expensive.........is there ant way....?? Does anyone what what to do???

i have line 6 pod 2 and i use ibanez 321 ex...

Thank u..........
There is no actual sound in midi you know. It's a protocol that tells an instrument (synth software or hardware) what notes to play, when to play them, and how long, etc.) - then the synth plays that note with whatever instrument it's programmed to play.
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if something like that exists, its going to be very expensive. the only thing i can think of that would work is to get a midi pickup, play to something that records midi, then import the midi file to guitar pro. unfortunatly this will require a couple of expensive things including:
a midi pickup
a soundcard/interface capable of midi importing
a program that lets you record in midi

so basicly the best idea is to just learn how to type it into guitar pro and do that once you figure out what you are playing that you want to keep.
Oups, I didn't know GP could import MIDI.. I see where you are coming from. It would work.

You could get a cheap midi keyboard like the M-Audio Axiom25 ($150). It comes with Ableton lite sequencer. Use the keyboard to do the midi and import that into GP and transpose if you need to.

Or just get a cheap or free midi sequencer and do it with a keyboard and mouse.
Google "midi sequencer".
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