My band is playing a battle of the bands in two days.

Our given set time is about 30 minutes, would you assume it to be a problem if our songs ran about 32 minutes? (Long Jam Session on our last song.)
it depends. sometimes they are like time nazis and will take you off stage or turn off your gear exactly at 30 minutes, but sometimes they wont mind. personally, i would play it safe and keep it down to 30 but its up to you and your band.
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probably better to ask the organizers,but i wouldnt think it'd be too bad a problem
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well its a pretty major event, like a regional finals. Plus the main organizer loves us, and it might only be about a minute over.

I think ill be fine.
It depends if they actually hit a stop watch and time you when you start, or if you have roughly half an hour. Does that include set up/take down time?
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