I've got a MIM Fender Strat, and its got tuners like these;

I want to buy a set of locking tuners, but i dont wanna buy some and find they dont fit so i have to get a technician to install them... Cos i can't afford that.

I'm gonna block up the bridge properly (even tho it barely moves) and get some new tuners.

Can someone suggest me some? Hopefully some that are on ebay, as i'd like to use up my paypal balance.

Thanks so much in advance!
look up the ones on the american deluxe strat

i think they are called kluson locking tuners

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Aaah yes... My stepdad has a set of those on his... They are good!
Arent any of the bay tho :/ Thats defo the kinda thing i'm looking for.

If anyone can tell me the size of the holes on my strat it'd also be very helpful.
Ive got Fender 'Reliance' Vintage Style Tuning Machines on mine.. they look awesome! a little awkward to restring i admit
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