If i bought some new tubes would it help get better distortion from a peavey valve king royal 8? I dont think it has enough gain to go metal, so should i change the tubes; or just get a dist. pedal?

Look into a good overdrive pedal. If you're on a tight budget, I've heard great things about the Bad Monkey, but if you're not, I'd look into a Tubescreamer. I have one and it REALLY tightens up my metal tone.
nice, that was my first thought before i tried to over complicate things, cheers/will do
Another thing to try would be a good boost pedal...many of them will begin to add gain after about halfway...I use an EHX Nano LPB, and they're only 40 bucks.
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ive thought about a boost, but i only want it for quiet home practice. so i think dist or overdrive would be better, thnx though, you have some well decent kit aswell btw
yeah, cheers for the advice ppl, i just bought a digitech hot head, it makes the valveking into a monster
I'd say go for the bad monkey or the digitech screamin blues. I have played both, I found the SB have more gain the BM, so If you wanna play it over the clean channel for a blues tone it does it better. Basically it does everything the BM does but has a bit more gain. Although I found the BM to be quieter.