What do you guys think? I tried one out to day with the local GC's "Wall-O-Boss Pedals" and I seemed to like it pretty good. The bridge humbucker needs changing as it is way too quiet for some reason, but the neck Duncan-Designed is pretty solid. I like the sustain on it. The bridge is nice, very similar to my SG and great for palm-muting. The neck is really fast and easy to shred on. It's used and selling for $469.99 USD. Should I take it?

[Bear in mind that I'm still considering the 1985 Aria Pro-II XX-1 w/ Teal Sunburst Finish, as much work as it may need.]
This is a pretty decent deal, but you could do better.

I myself own a CD3 in pristine condition that sounds just as beautiful as it looks. I bought mine for $530 plus tax and would be willing to sell it to you for only $350 plus shipping.

If you or anyone's interested, email me for pictures.
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