ok so i have an xbox 360 with live but my mom wants me to move it out of the room its in. i can't move the internet modem, but i have wireless and my computer can recieve wireless, so is there anyway that i can plug the xbox into the computer and use the internet off of the computer rather than the modem? a wireless hook up for the xbox is out of the question, i dont have the funds.

edit: also is it safe to set a small tv (12 inch screen, sorta newer tv so it's not TOO heavy) on top of a 360?
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you'll have to buy a wireless adapter for the xbox...

edit: it's like 70 bucks I think...I don't think your idea will work...to get any sort of connection between the PC and the xbox they need to be hooked up to the same network, and you need vista.
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wireless adaptor
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i have vista. wouldnt the computer share the network with the xbox then?
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Possibly run a long Ethernet cable through your house?

yes you can.. you can bridge a connection through your computer.. thats what I do...

its alright connection, but not great.
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I'm able to run my x-box through my wireless enabled laptop. So it should work.
you can set up internet connection sharing on your pc, and then connect your xbox to the ethernet port of your pc and it should be fine
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