Any word on the Hagstrom Super Swedes? I can't find them anywhere and I'm extremely intrigued by them. I play rock, alternative, blues, jazz, gospel, and a little bit of metalcore. I would probably change the pickups, but I'm curious about the quality of them. I have a Strat to take care of the more vintage tones. I'm just looking to replace my Greg Bennett AV3.
Hagstrom has been getting quite good reputations lately. The quality should be fine better than regular Epiphone but I just don't really like the fatness look of the body shape.

And take note that the Super Swede series has long scale neck 25.5"

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I've a new Hagstrom select ultra swede, overall quality wise it's a good instrument.

Tuners are smooth and stay in tune.
Fretboard is nice, frets on mine are all level with no sharp edges.
Pots in the volume and tone controls are ok, no dead spots and linear adjustment.
Overall finish is excellent, seems a very tough finish, doesn't show scratches.

I got mine at a reduced price, the only problem I had was that the nut was cut to low on the A and D strings so it had buzzes playing the open strings, I found a local luthier and he made a custom bone nut and and set the guitar up. The luthier commented on what a nice guitar it was (except for the nut being cut to low...) Now it's been setup it plays beautifully, stays in tune very well and has a nice action. From the shop, the pickup heights weren't adjusted right and it could sound pretty muddy, since the luthier adjusted them properly it sounds way better.

I'm a beginner and it's my first electric, for the price I paid I'm very happy with the overall quality and finish of the instrument, it feels substantial, has a lovely neck and looks like it will last for years.

Apart from the nut mine had no problems that a competent setup didn't cure and overall the quality is good. I was pretty happy with the guitar before I had it sorted out, since I got it back from the luthier I'm really happy with it
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Have you searched for Hagstrom in the forum? I'm pretty sure there's a bunch of Hagstrom threads.

I have a Swede, and I like it a lot. The consistent things you'll hear are that they are well made, quality instruments, superior to Epiphones, and at a good price point. Thin neck, excellent fretboard, nice pickups from stock. Do some searches here, you'll find some real fans and good information.

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The Music-Go-Round near me (specifically, the one on Round Grove in Lewisville ,TX) has a Hagstrom Super Swede for about $450. Looks nice, but I haven't had a chance to play it.
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yeah bro my local storee's got like 20 of em'

really really nice, but I'd rather play the Vikings.
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i have a hagstrom ultra swede with the transparent black over flame top. it is an amazing guitar . you can play sweeps with your eyes closed. get a set of slinkies or elixirs on it and its amazing . and the pickups can do anything. love that guitar!!
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