So i play in an acoustic band (yes, its a full band with drums, bass, vocals, and just acoustic guitars. hard to pull off but its been working for us) and I im getting a little bored of just playing acoustics. So i bought a Taylor T5 because it seemed to me to be a great compromise between acoustics and electrics. Now I just need a good amp to go with it and what im looking for is something that will sound great clean(as close to an acoustic being played through a PA system as possible) and can switch to more electric guitar oriented settings as well. Im probably going to be keeping the T5 in the most acoustic setting as possible the whole time, but I still wanna be able to use distortion with it which is why I want an amp to begin with. Does anyone know where to get me started? I can try and explain my situation some more if it helps. I was told that Vox makes amps that sound great clean. I really dont know anything about amps though so any help at all is apprectiated.