So, I've gotten into doodling on my laptop but can't draw for biscuits with either a mouse or the blasted touch-pad so was looking at getting a graphics tablet. However, I have no idea what's good, what's not and what to look for... so, are there any artists out there who use them who could recommend a good tablet for me?
Cheers guys
EDIT: Preferably not one of the horrendously priced ones!! Oh, and I'm from the UK, so £ prices and recommendations would be better, but anything's good
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I'm using a wacom graphire4 cte-440/B

good price. quality item.

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What momentosis said. But they're quite expensive as far as I know.

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Wacom tablets are good cause of the sensitivity of them and yes they are expensive but there are other models that are cheeper that are just as good, i have a graphics tablet and yea paid around $150 for an A4ish size one.

Ebay has a fair few tablets on their , do your research and possible u can get yourself one cheap.
YUou should also try to get a good program like Adobe Illustrator
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YUou should also try to get a good program like Adobe Illustrator

if not that Adobe photoshop , which in terms is very expensive going at around $1200 but its what the professionals use and its a very powerful program

If you want something cheap to start off with search up a program call "Gimp"
its a free program very similar to photoshop just not as powerful but it does are fairly good job.