Hey so im not sure if this is the right place to post this but anyways. I recently bought a ukulele from a friend no warranty it was working fine now after playing it for a while the A string wont hold its tune very well. All the other strings are fine and earlier i did not have this problem any ideas on how to fix this???
Any help is appreciated
Replace the string
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tighten the tuners, check the nut and bridge, and buy new strings. and don't leave it in a changing climate.
that is all
My friends does the same thing. We replaced the string and played around with the tuner, it still didnt do much to help. Sorry Im no help, but I kinda know what youre talkin about.
Im not realy sure it has to do with the string i was thinkin more of the tuner itself not working properly
My A string used to go out of tune all the time. Now it only goes out every once in a while. So I'd suggest just keep re-tuning it until it starts to stay put.
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Thanks for the help but when im saying it wont hold its tune im talking to like the end of 1 verse in a song
I actually had this problem with my ukulele the other day lol

I tried to tune it, but the machine head would just return to the original position. There should be a screw running through the machine head, get a small screwdriver and just tighten it until the machine head feels tight to turn, but not too tight. It'll hold tune after that
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Nylon strings go out of tune a lot. Some brands are better than others but I'm guessing your strings are actually worn out. Try new ones and see if it helps
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