How much money have you spent by the way. Made a typo.

Probably a bit over 100 right now. I had to buy new sets because I broke one string since the closest shop is this acoustic yamaha show with electric guitar strings and the closest guitar center is over the border.
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You spent $100 on one set of strings?

The most expensive set I use doesn't cost more than $10.
like $8.50.

Martin Marquis.

EDIT: acoustic guitar
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Usually, I buy stuff that's on offer. Like I buy 10 sets at 5 for 4 or something.
$5 a pack
i usually get 3 sets for both my acoustic and electric
total around $26 with a discount
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Uh, 12 bucks a pair. not 100.

you buy stings in sets of 2?

anyways its about 15 dollars with tax included per set.
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i got ernie ball today and they were only 7 bucks for, i thought they were more expensive not to long ago i guess i was wrong or they went down in price
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you buy stings in sets of 2?

anyways its about 15 dollars with tax included per set.

A pair, a set, whatever.
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I'm too lazy to change my strings.
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The most I've spent on a set is $15 for coated strings. I've got probably $200 worth of new strings sitting on the shelf right now. I've got a few more sets in my cases.
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I spend £40 a time restringing both my basses.

This...only I have 2 more basses (one with an extra string) and four 6 string guitars, one 7 string guitar two acoustics and a ukulele...I dread to think how much it would cost to restring them all at once
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You spent $100 on one set of strings?

The most expensive set I use doesn't cost more than $10.


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Seriously in 2 and a half years of playing, MAYBE $75. I get the super heavy stes, so they last a lot longer. That and i like old strings.
the most ive spentat once was my last trip when i got 2 sets of ernie balls. $20 for both. plus tax but whatever. i hope you got more than one set for $100.
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I spent 20 bucks on 8 packs of strings....D'Addarios .010s
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$15 AUD for Ernie Balls, but im experiementing still

btw does anyone any good brands that sell wound G strings?( noob question )
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I think the TS means over your lifetime.

If that were true, my dad's probably spent multiple hundreds. Dude's got 25+ guitars that are in playable condition at all times. Count his anal retentiveness for having multiple sets of backups, Id wager more than $1000 his entire life. Dude is 54, so I think I might have over shot it a bit.
ive spent almost 10 grand in one shop, they were able to special order recording gear so when ever i go in there i always get free strings.
all my strings at the moment are free. get in a good band get an endorsment. ***** up lots of strings. leave said band to play in one thats more fun. never pay for strings ever again. i have about 20+ sets of bass strings and 3 basses so they should last a while. i've used countless sets over the last 5 years though. probably only had to pay for the first few i used to have a horrible tendency to break my E string every few weeks
about 6 quid for each set of new strings.
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A set of Ernie Ball regular slinkys cost me roughly $12 AUD. I've probably spent $250ish on strings since I started playing.
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