I played one a few hours ago at a local music shop. i usual hate les pauls, but the store owner say hey, before you decide on that ESP MH-1000, try that EC-1000. I was hesitant because ive never used a guitar with seymour duncan pickups. I was instantly blown away. It blows emg out of the water. It was about $830 bucks. It was in the amber sunburst. Do any of yall have any complaints about em? Im really ready to buy one, but i dont want to jump the gun and buy a piece of **** in disguise.
My friend has the vintage black one and it is pretty badass. My only complaint with the sunburst one is all the abalone

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prolly shouldnt of posted this lol. i think i already had my mind set. right after i posted this my grandpa took me back to get it. got custom sunburst knobs, coffin case and dimarzio clip locks lol. i love my les paul =]
I like them but prefer EMG's.
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I've got one, I ****ing love it. i have it in black, with black hardware, and it sounds amazing. The sustain is incredible. The quality is astounding for an 800$ guitar. I don't have a single regret about buying it.

Oh, and I got mine about a year ago and I'm still more than happy with it.
i think they play, look and sound amazing. im actually buying the white one after i graduate tech school.

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I've got the ASB with Duncan pups, it's groovy. Setup was pretty good but the truss rod needing a bit of tweaking. GK
The LTD EC-1000 is my dream guitar To bad its like over $1,700 here...
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The LTD EC-1000 is my dream guitar To bad its like over $1,700 here...

stole the words out of my mouth
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I have the black one.

It's got a lot of abalone... But it ends up looking pretty good under stage lights.

It's a great guitar, once you get past the emg's, but since you're going for the SD's i think you'll love it.
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Why don't you go find out how much shipping would be and think about what you just said

It's free. Most stuff over $99.99 (all guitars actually) have free shipping. Well, on MF.

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I don't know if it was the one at the store but I played the Gloss Black one then played the gloss black ec-500 and I have no Idea the 500 was alot more comfterbal to play so I guess its all personal opnion
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i have a ec-1000 in alpine white with EMGS and i love it to bits, and some ESP endorsed bands like still remains prefer them to the eclipse 2.
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What he said... I sold mine becuz of it.

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is lone the glossy pearl stuff around it? i dont see the problem in that! i love it =] keeps me entertained while im playing because its shinyy.
i think theyre sicky sick
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