Hi. I Just bought a bass to do some bass tracks with my songs. So first of all, I usually record my guitar parts by placing a mic in front of my amp. and the mic connects to an interface (presonus 1394) which connects to my computer.

but since i do not have a bass amp, i decided to take some peoples suggestions and record directly. So i plugged my bass into the interface, and sure sound comes out of it and i can play it, but then the noise is really fuzzy and deep. just the low e string though.

so whenever i record, i can't have a clean bass sound. like the sound waves on audacity are very wide, skinny, and weird looking when i record with my bass. am i doing something wrong, or is it that i cannot simply record directly.

Bass is often, if not usually recorded direct in some way - even in pro studios.

Can you post a clip? What you're doing *should* be working fine.

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It might help to get some kind of DI box.
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screen shot and audio clip please.

it sounds like you might just have levels set to high.

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idk if its just my computer speakers or not but yeah ahaha.

There is another alternative if I can't get that fixed. Playing the bass through a guitar amp and micing that, but I'm scared that I'll damage my speakers
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I have no clue as to what is going on with the recording. Have you tried doing your guitar like this? did it do the same thing?
And your sure you checked the levels? I mean it doesn't sound like its peaking.

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Well, i THINK that it has something to do with how i connected everything. So my bass connects to the interface. and the interface connects to the computer SPEAKER and the firewire slot.

So whenever i play something, i can actually hear it playing back through the computer speakers.

but like if it's right, i'm curious; how can a bass guitar be played through a computer speaker, but not a guitar amp. ahaha
Just turn down the line volume on the input channel you are using for the bass on the interface, and increase the volume of the track in your software. You are probably just getting feedback on the bottom string because its too loud.
they are direct input boxes they take the high impedance, unbalanced signal and converts it into a balanced, low impedance signal.
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