I'm looking for a tube combo amp that can produce nice cleans and give me lots of gain as well as everything in between (the in between would be nice, but not absolutely necessary). As of now, I'm looking at an ENGL Screamer. I've not tried one out seeing as there are very few authorized ENGL dealers around my area and the one I happened to go to does not carry the Screamer combo (and the owner is a dick). So if anyone can let me know how this amp performs, that would be great. I am also open to other suggestions, i.e., recommend other brands / amps. I've tried out Peaveys, Randalls, Marshalls, B-52s, Line-6s, Fenders and others, but I didn't find one that was the right one.

For the cleans, I don't expect Fender cleans, but I'd like good cleans at the very least. The most crucial element of the amp would be the gain. I like covering guitar work (rhythm and lead) from bands like Arch Enemy, Nevermore, Firewind, Dream Evil, COB, Dream Theater, etc. Tight bass would be nice (not mandatory) but a Petrucci-like lead tone for solos is required.

If it makes any difference, I'm using a Jackson DK2M with no modifications. Specs available here:

I played an ENGL Thunder 50 last weekend and I actually like it's voicing and gain better than the Fireball I tried previously.
IMO, you will get everything you hope for out of the Screamer. They are similar to the Thunder, with a bit more gain on tap I believe.
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You should get the head version imo. The combo lacks a lot of balls since it's a openback combo. My friend has a Screamer combo which sounds really thin compared to my Thunder head.
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the screamer will do that, but might not be the cheapest option in the USA, where mesa, soldano, VHT etc. are better value than in europe.

if you've got a dealer, i'd try to get past the fact that the owner's a dick. they might not have a screamer, but trying some other engls would be better than nothing.
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I own a Screamer Combo and I love it!
The best amp I've ever owned (17 years of playing). The amp is extremely versatile. Super crisp warm clean sound and extreme high gain with a nice heavy bottom. I play a lot of metal and this AMP kills!!! I will add though that the right pickups are definitely needed. SInce purchasing my ENGL I put Seymour Duncan Blackouts in almost everyone of my guits. No pickup compares in my opinion. For my guitars without BLACKOUTS I use a Zakk Wylde MXR to boost the signal a bit and I get what I want.

Overall though, I highly suggest the ENGLE Screamer. Would have loved to get the Fireball but I only use this in my home studio.

Oh yeah, GOOGLE, Mad Ape... they carry the full line of ENGLE Amps and are a pleasure to deal with.
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