I have a phase 90 and am buying a carbon copy. The other guitarist in my band just got his carbon copy and we were talking to the pedal "geek" at our music store who happens to be a friend of his. We were looking at delays and saw the moogerfooger. I really like the idea of the expression pedal inputs for the delay time and feedback and level. The pedal geek said it wouldnt be too hard of a mod to do it to a carbon copy. SO does anyone back up that this would work and have a website showing how. Basically just make an expression pedal control the speed on the phaser and the level, time, and feedback on the delay
i thought i was the only one!

i haven't done it yet, nor do i know yet, but i'm really interested in being able to time on my dd-6 (or any other pedals for that matter).

with the feedbacks and level cranked, you can get some really cool effects out of it by adjusting the delay times and speed. someone, anyone who knows; please link me or instruct me on how to do so!
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I've never done a mod like that, but I'm guessing it would involve something along the lines of hooking up an input jack on the delay thats wired so that it takes the place of the speed/level/time/feedback potentiometer when it's plugged in. I think the actual pedal itself would just be a rocking pedal thats attached to a potentiometer turned on its side (think along the lines of how a wah pedal works). I'm not sure on a diagram though. If you look hard enough there should be something on google somewhere...
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i remember reading how to do it somewhere but i cant find the link. try Diy stomboxes?

edit: i think it is a pretty basic mod. im sure if you want to keep the pot on the pedal as well you just use a switched input
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now that seems like the perfect thing. I would have to look and find how much they are and see if its worth it over buying a 60-70 dollar expression pedal for each thing i want to add one for and also doing the mod.

and to jacob no me and the other guitar both want to do it. ive achieved some cool tones with the carbon copy by adjusting the knobs while he plays, but also so we can have different delays in the same song, as most of our songs are 10-15 minutes long.