i'm planning on getting a jcm 900 combo, 50 watt 1x12 to be exact

the speaker is a celestion g12t-75 (75 watts)

The amp is rated at 50 watts RMS, which i know means that it could really hit 70 to possibly 100 or more watts

is it okay to still use it properly (cranking it) and not blowing the speaker?
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why would they would sell it with a 50 watt speaker knowing full well the amount of people that turn all the knobs on a marshall to a 10, if they even thought for a second it would mess up the speaker.
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A 50 watt amp wont blow a 75 watt speaker.

+1, speakers are rated conservatively, so a 50 watt speaker can take more power than that before it's destroyed. Speaker makers learned long ago that amps put out more than their rated wattage.
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