Ok, I started finger picking a lot, but I still like to use my pick a lot too and it got annoying to put my pick somewhere on my bed or on a table or something, and I didn't like putting it in my mouth to hold it because it gets slippery, so what I did was tune all the strings a full step down (It's now D, A, F, C, G, D) and I put a capo across the 2nd frets and then it puts it back to standard tuning, then I put my pick in the strings on the first fret.

Is this stupid? Everyone who sees my guitar asks, I explain and everyone says that it's dumb..
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Just put your pick in between the strings on the head.

Damn I was just about to suggest this
grok it.


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you lose two frets up higher, but if that's what you want, then f*** everyone else, just do it.
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It's a long solution to a simple problem.
saliva on the pick, stick it to your head. There's a guitarist who does that but i can't remember who.
If you're gonna do that why not just after the nut? Also you could try and either find a way to hold it and effectivly finger pick or get a pick holder and put it near your picking hand on the guitar.

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Its not stupid, just... what's the word... wrong.
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it just seems like too much trouble either put it between your strings or learn how to fignerpick with it in your hand holding onto it with the finger you use less when you fingerpick
wow I'm stupid, I never even thought of putting the pick above the nut...

I feel stupid now tbh.

As for the 2 frets - I rarely use them anyways.
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its not necessarily stupid...just a complicated solution to a simple problem.
How bout a small bit of transparent cellophane on your guitar so you can just stick your pick on it and then take it when you want it.
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put your pick on the headstock strings or get a pick holder
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you are very inventive, but not all inventions are practical

Just get one of those pick-holders that have adhesive on the back and stick it to your strap. That's what I did.
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I was kinda thinking this too. I play bass, and always just put it behind the nut, but that's unpractical if you want to switch quickly, like if you change in a song or something (yes, I realize this will probably won't happen). I was thinking you could get a bass with a thumb rest, then cut it open and put the pick in there. Then I realized this was stupid and just put it above the nut..... and no, you can not have that minute of your life that I just wasted back.
I've got a planet waves strap that has a small pocket for a pick, so you could always use one of those.
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