I am simpleton
I am garbage;
I say fuck the pressing news
and mediatrics.
garbage theatrics,
kids' eyes all plastic.
love love love love and
I am so above this,
all masked in garbage;
masked in
this piss is hardly easy to take
I wear gloves in trash cans
all foodly and saturated in blushing

and my alcoholic liver
and my suicidal kidneys
and my cold popping boils.
all piss, by my method, is crystal
clear and kingly.

so come already you
salivating pedophiles
with your petty little minds
and your blood soaked knives.
come, and be done with it,
finish the job:
cut me a new
cut my brother another
cut those little girls giving you
I'd swear to gods, if you'd just use your
i dig the first two stanzas, they really had me going, in a good way. They had cool word play, good theme, yada-yada. The third kind of kills it though, it feels a bit off topic, and it lacks the style from the first two.
this one is for you.