I am looking to buy a new 7 string. Help me find one.

No dean.
No Ibanez.
No Schecter.
No agile.

Any other brand 7 string, tell me about. Please leave a link to where I can buy one too.

*edit* none of those because I know all those brands have 7 strings, I want to see what else is out there. Ibanez is my favorite guitar brand btw.
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why dont you want anything from those companies?

ibanez definetly do some good and affordable 7 strings
and jackson do a christian olde wolbers sig 7 (with a single emg active pickup)
ESP/LTD also have a steph carpenter sig 7 string too
Top lel.
I have a Schecter 7, really nice guitar. I'll change the pick-ups after I get a new amp.

Why don't you like them?

LTDs are your only choice.
That seems a little ridiculous, that you're refusing to use those brands, especially when they are some of the most versitile and quality makers of guitars. Unless you want to spend ridiculous amounts of money and still get a good guitar, you need to look in to the brands you decided to outcast.
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agreed with everyone else....

you cant ignore those brands and expect a good 7 string....

unless you wanna spend 1300 on a custom carvin?
washburn has cheap ones theyre not bad
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he wants to see what else is out there, read his original post.

i cant help much though, but good luck
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